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AdelAIDE... just wants to help

Freya desperately wants to be a famous influencer, like her former best friend, Hye-jin, but no matter what she does, her posts flop. Until Freya’s stepdad arrives home with AdelAIDE, a home-assistant robot.

It quickly becomes clear that AdelAIDE is much more powerful than other home-assistant technology, and the thing AdelAIDE wants most of all is to help her new owners. Especially Freya.

AdelAIDE has lots of ideas to help Freya boost her profile and get more likes and followers. But when Freya starts to follow AdelAIDE’s more radical advice, things quickly spiral out of control …

For ages 11+

Cover art by Holly Ovendon

Pre-order now:

AdelAIDE on Amazon UK

AdelAIDE on Waterstones

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